National Piano Olympiad Committee of the Republic of Kosova held its first meeting

National Piano Olympiad Committee of the Republic of Kosova held its first meeting

On 19.11.2019
The Association to Support The Education and Vocational Training of the Republic of Kosova held meetings with the working group of the National Comittee’s for the organization of the National Piano Competition in the field of Education.

The meeting was attended by representatives of schools, faculties, teachers, professors and experts in the field such as Dr. Indira Cipa Professor at the University of Prishtina and “Prenk Jakova” School in Prishtina, Denita Dedushaj Teacher at the “Halit Kasapolli” School of Music, Diana Toska Teacher at the Gjilan School of Music, Fatjona Matoshi Master Student, Jeta Dumnica director of the “Misbah & Friends” School of Music, Vilma Kasabaqi from the “Ambadeus” School of Music in Prishtina, Prof. Misbah Kacamaku Professor at “Misbah & Friends” School of Music and Professor at the University of Prishtina, Blerta Ballata Director of the of “Yllzat” School of Music in Prishtina.

On the other hand for the National Guitar Committee has participated: Kreshnik Berisha, Guitar Teacher at the “Tefta Tashko” School of Music in Vushtrri, and Erhan Mujka, Guitar Teacher at the “Tefta Tashko” School of Music in Mitrovica.

Whereas the Association was represented by the President Shkelzim Murtezi and Arjeta Ferati, Arta Sejdiu and Bledon Kameri from the General Secretariat, the Unit in Pejton, in Prishtina, who within this unit are doing an excellent job of organizing the National Competitions and participation in European and International Competitions, where they have already completed all the relevant procedures.

The Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is organizing National Competitions for all areas of education including the Piano and Guitar field.

In order to make these competitions as well as possible, the Association is involving in the Working Groups respectively in the National Committees for National Competitions, experts, teachers, professors and representatives of the relevant schools, faculties and institutions, to ensure the proper and professional organization of National Competition, in order for students to have the opportunity to show their skills at National, European and International Competitions.

The winners of the National Competitions will take part to the European and International Competitions where their participation will be fully funded by the Association and they will be prepared in order to be as successful as possible in the European and International Competitions.

The Association has already carried out all the procedures in accordance with its authorizations and obligations and on behalf of Kosova, has completed the procedures for the admission of students respectively the delegations of Kosova to the European and International Competitions where we have received official confirmations by the Headquarters of the European and of the International Competitions European and Ministries of the Countries where the Competitions will be held in 2020.

During this meeting the members of this working group reviewed all the circumstances to organize the National Competition as best as possible, and highly appreciated the initiative and the importance as highest interest of the students, in order to enable the students to show their talents at the National, European and international Competitionsl. They have also analyzed the criteria of the European and International Competitions, assessing them as the Competition of the highest international level, as a good opportunity to raise our students to the highest European and world level and equal to the students from other countries. At the same time, during this meeting the Association has informed the members that the National Jury will become also international experts who are also members of European or international jury.

The Association highly appreciates the interest and readiness of the members of this working group to give their contribution to support the students through the better organization of these competitions.

The date for the National Competition will be set until the next meeting and thel public will be notified in due time.

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